Here are a few words from some of my yoga students and other yoga teachers:

Just wanted to follow up and let you know I bought your book (Yoga on the Edge – the Step-by-Step CHAIR YOGA Picture Book for Teachers and Students – Amazon.com) and love it. The content is very helpful and the size is perfect to fit in my yoga mat bag! Nice job! – Michelle

You are going to be missed by everyone at Neighbourhood House. Thank you for volunteering your time every month. You made a big difference to the seniors and they always looked forward to your visits – Kathryn

The experience you left with us is still in our residents minds and staff, it was wonderful the way you lead it – Preet

My sister said the Mom is able to stand up easier with you than she does with the physiotherapist. Apparently, the next physio appointment after her first yoga session with you, she was able to walk for 30 minutes (which she has never been able to do before!) – Noreen

Dear Annette – Thanks so much for ‘breathing’ into our Assisted Living report-back- sessions. You’re an inspiration! – Sharon

I felt so relaxed and so at peace just knowing I had done something good for my body and good for my soul and good for my mind. — Sarah

It is the perfect exercise for all conditions and for all ages! And it’s nice to have a teacher who cares! — Judith

It’s wonderful that you’re trying to make yoga available to everyone. There is so much out there that’s just perfect if you’re 20 to 40 years old and already very fit. Otherwise, unless you’re extremely determined, the yoga being offered is out of reach for many. Thanks for thinking about the rest of us! — Clarice

Yoga has given me so much.  It has helped me into retirement by giving me a new community and a new constant in my life. — Gordon

I was very moved by the circle of women who gather in your class to participate. I loved your sharing of touch during Savasana (stillness pose). I enjoyed the class and found it an overall body livener. It’s amazing what can be done in a chair! I also liked the way you brought the Hebrew language into the class, and the way you created and held the space, such as by using the candles as a drishti point. — Karen

Thanks for an awesome workshop. I learned so much about the importance of breathing and taking care of your feet when doing yoga. I also love your energy; it’s contagious!
— Meredith

You do this work with love. You reach people! — Cindy

Our yoga instructor took a couple of lessons with you and loved your activity and the passion you have to teach. I know that the guests that attended your chair yoga classes were really happy with the lessons. Thank you for your help and thanks for giving a PLUS to our resort. — Jose Muller

I enjoyed your workshop very much. I will use many of your ideas with family and friends. — Steven

I complement you on a very interesting, informative, and creative workshop! I can’t wait to practise to some of the exercises you taught us! — Lois

I feel such a “life force” from you. — Jeremie

Thank you for the happiness you brought to me and Lola! Continue to sparkle! — Sally

Continue being the shining star that you are. — Binnie

I can do the gardening now. My legs are strong. My back feels good. I owe it all to YOGA! – Kay


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  1. Mary says:

    I am 85 years young and I have been going to chair yoga with Annette for a few years.
    Chair yoga with Annette is giving me better balance and is making me stronger. Recently, I had a mild case of sciatica and my MD told me to do yoga and was very pleased that I already take yoga. I also had a massage for the sciatica, and the massage therapist also told me to take yoga. I only had a mild case of sciatica and without yoga, it probably would have been more servere. Yoga is so important, and with the chair, it gives me the confidence to do the stretching, balancing and yoga moves.
    Thanks you Annette

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